Rise & Shine

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About Rise & Shine

Rise and Shine is a happy song with bright musical elements and instruments, featuring Grand Piano, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Toms and Bass.

It follows a 8 Bar chord progression throughout to enhance all types of visuals it is played with. We’ve put special attention on making the song as versatile as possible, by avoiding sudden transitions and musical changes.

Rise and Shine has a morning feeling to it, think of a sunny hopeful day, everything going perfectly well, people smiling, peace & love everywhere. Everyone you meet is happy, positive and inspired.

It will go perfectly well with Corporate Videos, Epic Movie Trailers, YouTube Videos, Commercials, Portfolios, Anniversary videos, Jingles, Background Music for Voice Overs and more.

Rise and Shine is for you if you’re looking for a happy, inspiring and motivational music with upbeat, fast and uptempo music elements with no vocals.

Duration : 2 minutes 21 seconds
Download Size :  28 MB
Audio Format : MP3 (320Kbps, 44.1Khz) & WAV (16 Bit, 44.1Khz)

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