Acoustic Pop

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About Acoustic Pop

Positive acoustic track featuring real instruments like acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, violin, piano, claps and more. Played by real players with no quantization, resulting in a natural humanly sound.

The natural sloppiness of the players combined with no use of quantization adds to the realism of the song and makes it perfect for any project that is focused towards targeting a wider audience and gaining the trust of the target audience.

  • A Perfect Acoustic Indie Folk Song
  • NO Quantization
  • NO Synthetic Instrument Used
  • NO Weird Chord Changes or Musical Shifts
  • Distraction Free Sound makes it Perfect for all types of Visuals


Duration : 2 minutes 21 seconds
Download Size :  28 MB
Audio Format : MP3 (320Kbps, 44.1Khz) & WAV (16 Bit, 44.1Khz)

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