Hypnotic OM

$18.00 Download(Files + License)

About Hypnotic OM

Hypnotic OM is a 15-Min Royalty-Free Meditation Song featuring group Om chants, bells, binaural sounds, peaceful ambiance, nature ambient recordings and more. The song is tuned at 432Hz for natural mind relaxation.

The song took almost 12 days in recording and production as it features various layers of Hindu and Buddhist Group chants in the Background, which were recorded over various locations across India.

The song is perfect for Group Meditation Videos, Guided Meditation Videos, Hypnotic Podcasts, Youtube Yoga Videos, Vlogs, Relaxing Music, Meditation related Audio Books, Background Music for Voice overs, Inspiring Ambient Music for Youtube Monetization and anything positive you can think of. No distracting elements are included in the song.

Duration : 15 minute 11 seconds
Download Size :  34.7MB
Audio Format : MP3 (320Kbps)

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