Cinematic Orchestra

$18.00 Download(Files + License)

About Cinematic Orchestra

Cinematic Orchestra is an intense soundtrack perfect for a variety of projects that need an epic yet modern track. Features Big Drums, Piano, String Section, Violin Solo, Thrilling Transitions, Choir & more.

The song itself goes through a life of its own. The dynamics of the song tell a story at each phrase that can be perfectly put into different scenes.

Final download package includes Full Version of Cinematic Orchestra and 3 short versions in both WAV and MP3 Format.

  • Alternative Cinematic (Full)
  • Alternative Cinematic (Piano & Violin)
  • Alternative Cinematic (Strings)
  • Alternative Cinematic (Trailer)


Duration : 02 minute 22 seconds
Download Size :  56.5MB
Audio Format : MP3 (320Kbps) & WAV (16 Bit, 44.1Khz)

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