6 Meditation Music Bundle

$18.00 Download(Files + License)

About 6 Meditation Music Bundle

6 Powerful 432Hz tuned Royalty-free Meditation stock music. Use these tracks as background music for your own guided meditation, as film background music showcasing galaxy and universe, or simply use this music online to meditate. 4 license types, choose the one that suits your needs.

72 Minutes of meditation audio

6 Tracks, each 12 minutes long. Total 72 Minutes of meditation audio. Perfect for guided meditation, meditation audio books or any kind of project that involves soundscapes and ambient music.

Tracks included :

  1. Universal Call (12 minutes)
  2. Moonlight (12 minutes)
  3. Third Eye (12 minutes)
  4. Oceans Rising (12 minutes)
  5. Inner Voice (12 minutes)
  6. Chakra Awakening (12 minutes)

Preview includes 30sec sample of all the 6 tracks.

6 Track Bundle for the price of 1

This bundle includes 6 healing royalty-free audio/music, tuned at 432Hz with powerful calming elements that have been proved to help relax, reduce anxiety, calm your nerves, help in depression and much more.

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