Indian Tadka

$18.00 Download(Files + License)

About Indian Tadka

“Indian Tadka” features traditional Indian sound with a mix of electronic music. Its catchy hooks & upbeat rhythm makes you want to listen it again & again.

The title Indian Tadka isn’t nonsense either , you see Tadka in India is the final step in making a dish, by adding special spices & blending a dish with the secret ingredients, makes any dish tastier. Just like that, the song “Indian Tadka” will lighten up any video project you’re working on & add that special secret ingredient that my friend only you’ve come across.

Instruments used include Flute, Rak, Sampled Hip Hop Drums, Saw Bass, Ambient Pads etc.

Download includes WAV & MP3 version of Indian Tadka (02m:02s), +2 additional loop-able acoustic flavors, “Flavor 01” & “Flavor 02”.

Duration : 2 minutes 02 seconds
Download Size :  30 MB
Audio Format : MP3 (320Kbps, 44.1Khz) & WAV (16 Bit, 44.1Khz)

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