Indian Nights

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About Indian Nights

A typical Indian song that you will hear mostly in Indian Discos, Clubs, Pubs, Nightclubs and Bollywood Movies. A blend of western and eastern music elements make this song a modern world track. It’s Upbeat and uptempo, features Tabla, Mandolin, Modern Synth sounds and so much more.

Catchy beat and distraction-free elements make this song perfect for visuals. Play this song with any video and see how quickly it enhances your visuals!

This track is for you, if you’re looking for modern world music, upbeat eastern, Asian, Indian song, India travel, marriage videos, product launch for Indian masses, advertising campaign targeted towards Indian masses, etc!

Duration : 02 minute 16 seconds
Download Size :  28MB
Audio Format : MP3 (320Kbps) & WAV (16 Bit, 44.1Khz)

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