We are a modern music library for modern advertisers and media professionals. Our simple licenses are reasonably priced and well suited for all media uses ; non-profit, web, tv and films.


Have you ever wanted to use a music track produced for your advertisement/short-film/YouTube Video that had no copyright claim, no license filings and no future royalties to pay for? Music producers charge a hefty amount to produce a custom track for you, plus after repetitive mails back and forth about the changes you need, you’ve to wait for days, even weeks and that takes a lot of energy! Plus, you never know how the final track is going to sound like.

Well, wouldn’t it be easier if you could simply preview quality Royalty-Free tracks and use the one you like? We save you time, energy and of-course money!


Our simple one-time license fees provides you a license well-suited for your project. We don’t ask for future royalties and never claim copyright violations. Which can be a life-saver for YouTube partners who monetize their videos and TV and film makers who have to file for every music track they use.

You can simply preview the track you want to purchase, add it to cart, complete payment and the download links are offered to you instantly.


Our music has been composed and produced by renowned musicians that have experience of decades in producing music in their genre. Unlike most music libraries that try to fit all in one, our focus in the music industry is pretty narrow. We’re trying to produce regional music; India, Spain, China, Japan, Arab, South America and Africa are some of the countries that we think have beautiful music that has evolved over thousands of years and still holds the beauty of their cultures, values and traditions.

The musicians that have worked with us while composing the huge music library available on our website have made sure that most ethnic instruments and arrangement techniques shine through the recording process, for this we’ve used the best recording, audio processing and compression techniques known to man.


Featuring exclusive downloadable world music, that isn’t available anywhere else, our music has been produced especially for Video professionals, Ad agencies, YouTubers and Media houses. No matter what the size of your target audience is, our simple music licenses will suit all your music licensing needs, perfectly!